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How Long Does a Roof Last in Illinois?

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Roof construction has evolved over the years and modern installations are more robust than those from previous decades. If you’re wondering about the current roof lifespan in Illinois, you need to know more about the factors affecting a roof over time.

At HomeHero, we consider the local climate and specific conditions when estimating the average roof lifespan for your home. Various factors, such as the type of materials used and environmental conditions, can impact your roof’s durability. For homeowners in Chicago, our services include comprehensive roof maintenance to help extend your roof’s life. We also offer expert roof replacement services for those needing an upgrade.

Choosing a reliable company like HomeHero for roof installation guarantees that your roof can endure the unique challenges of the Illinois climate. Let’s explore the factors affecting roof lifespan in detail below.

Factors Influencing Roof Longevity in Illinois

Local Climate and Weather Conditions

The continental climate of Illinois presents various severe weather challenges. Year-round storms, floods, hail, snow, and tornadoes can severely impact any type of roof. Even during pleasant weather, UV light can discolor and weaken certain roofing materials, like asphalt. Local roofing companies have the necessary knowledge and expertise to maximize a roof’s lifespan in Illinois.

If your roof has storm damage, contact HomeHero immediately for a roof inspection. We’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you get the repairs you deserve!

Roofing Materials, Pitches, and Strengths

A key factor in determining roof lifespan in Illinois is the type of materials used. Different roofing materials withstand various weather conditions with varying effectiveness. Additionally, the roof’s angle influences how well the materials endure the local climate. Each material and roof pitch has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, flat roofs can handle wind storms but retain snow, leading to potential leaks.

Metal roofing can last 50 years or more if not affected by a natural disaster. However, these roofs can cost significantly more than roofing shingles. Similarly, while slate roofs look great and last a long time, their fragility, weight, and cost can put off some homeowners. Discuss your preferences with your roofing services provider to find ways to minimize the weaknesses of your chosen roofing materials. At HomeHero, our local roofers can help you reduce costs, improve protection, and ensure your home has proper ventilation.

The Company Who Installed Your Roof

The lifespan of a roof also depends on the expertise of the professional team that installed it. Technicians need to monitor various factors while installing and securing your roof. Ignoring these conditions may lead to needing a roof replacement sooner than expected. For example, roofs should be installed on warm, dry days with temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing a roof during colder winter days can cause shingles to break or crack.

Also, efficient and quick work reduces the chances of moisture damage. Roof installations inevitably expose the parts under the roof to the elements. If the process takes too long, moisture can accumulate in the attic or under the roof, leading to interior damage. Installers who are not knowledgeable about these best practices can cause more harm than good. Researching and selecting a reputable roofing company like HomeHero Roofing for roof installation can significantly increase the likelihood of a long-lasting roof.

Regular Roof Maintenance, Plus a Checklist

Even the strongest materials can fail quickly without proper maintenance. A few essential tasks can help extend the average roof lifespan. Larger roofs in shaded locations require more frequent maintenance checks. Complete these tasks annually, biannually, or quarterly, or hire a roofing expert to handle them for you:

  • Ensure clean gutters are well attached to the house.
  • Use a specialized solution to wash the roof and prevent algae growth in wooded or shaded areas.
  • Check for missing or dented shingles, slates, or slabs, and call a professional to replace them.
  • Review the roof and attic walls for leaks or cracks and repair them promptly.
  • Ensure roof vents are not blocked and check the insulation levels.
  • Trim branches that hang over the property to reduce the chance of damage.

You should inspect your roof at least annually, especially after a severe storm. If you let roof problems linger, it can lead to more severe roof issues.

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Average Lifespan of Shingle Roofs in Illinois

Not all shingle roofs have the same quality or longevity. For example, cheap shingle roofs typically last about 15 years, while well-made roofing shingles can last up to 30 years. Architectural shingles are known to be the longest-lasting type of shingles.

The longevity of roofs also depends on the climate. Snow, sleet, hail, heavy rains, and strong winds can all impact the average roof lifespan. In Illinois, the strong winds and harsh winters can challenge your roof’s durability. Asphalt shingles are popular among many American homeowners due to their affordable prices and decent weather protection. The average cost for a shingle square (100 square feet) ranges from $70 to $150, with warranties lasting up to 25 years. Typically, an asphalt shingle roof can last between 15 and 30 years.

Architectural shingles are a thicker and stronger option that is still affordable, pricing at around $250 to $400 per square. You can expect architectural shingles to last on the longer end of the asphalt lifespan, estimated at 25 to 30 years. Also, these shingles are available in various designs to mimic different natural materials.

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

Light is Coming Through Your Attic

Head up to your attic and check for any light coming through the beams. A small amount of light through gable, soffit, and ridge vents is normal as they help circulate air in your attic. However, if you notice larger water stains or significant light penetration, it may be a sign that your roof needs replacing. For help, contact professional roofers who specialize in residential roofing services in Chicago.

Your Roof is 20 to 30 Years Old

If your roof is around 25 years old, it might be time for a replacement. Most asphalt shingle roofs usually require repair or replacement before reaching this milestone. Roofs with an additional layer of shingles may need replacement after 20 years. To accurately assess your roof’s age and condition, consider contacting a licensed and insured professional from roofing services in Chicago.

Investigating Roof Age on Your Own

  • Ask the Previous Owner: Contact the previous homeowner or their real estate agent. Information about the roof’s age should be in the seller’s disclosure document.
  • Reach Out to the Roofer: If your roof was recently replaced, find the roofing contractor who completed the job. Local roofing companies may have records of the work done.
  • Check for a Building Permit: Some states require a permit for roofing work. If available, this can help estimate the roof’s age. A roofing contractor can assist with this step.
  • Inspect Roof Condition: Look for chipped or broken tiles (for slate, clay, or tile roofs) or curling and loose granules (for asphalt roofs).

Shingles are Curling

Check your roof’s shingles for curling at the edges or in the middle. This curling, called cupping or clawing, is a sign you may need a new shingle roof soon. Warped shingles can lead to leaks and further property damage. If curling appears, contact a roofing professional to assess the damage and confirm that you need roof replacement services.

Granules in Your Gutters

Finding granules in your gutters could be a sign that it’s time for a new roof, especially if your roof is over 10 years old. Granules serve to protect your roof from sun damage. It’s normal to find loose granules on a new roof, and this should improve over time. However, for older roofs, it’s advisable to consider roof maintenance services to inspect and potentially replace your roof.

Cracked or Missing Shingles

Inspect your roof for cracked, missing, or damaged shingles, especially after a hailstorm, excessive wind, or ice dam formation. Ice dams can prevent proper runoff and damage shingles. A few damaged shingles can usually be repaired, but extensive damage may necessitate a full roof replacement.

For expert roof replacement services and comprehensive roof maintenance, contact the best roofing professionals in Illinois. Companies providing roofing services in Chicago, like HomeHero Roofing, can ensure your roof remains in excellent condition and lasts as long as possible.

Extending the Life of Your Roof in Illinois

To make your roof last longer in Illinois, it is important to know the weather challenges and keep up with regular maintenance. Roofs in Illinois can last a long time with proper care and timely repairs. Hiring professional roofing services in Chicago is essential for regular inspections and upkeep. Companies such as HomeHero Roofing specialize in roof replacement and installation, offering quality maintenance services to address issues like curling shingles, granule loss, and storm damage.

Our Chicago residential roofing services ensure that your roof stays in top condition to extend its life well beyond the average. Whether you need routine roof maintenance or a full roof replacement, HomeHero’s skilled roofing team is here to protect your investment and boost the longevity of your roof.

Chicago Roof Maintenance and Roof Replacement Services

To maximize the roof lifespan in Illinois and ensure your home remains protected, it is important to invest in regular roof maintenance services and timely replacements. The average roof lifespan can be extended with the right care and attention. At HomeHero, we specialize in residential roofing services in Chicago, offering expert roof maintenance and roof replacement solutions. Whether you need routine inspections or a complete roof replacement, our skilled team is here to help. Don’t wait until minor issues become major problems—contact HomeHero today for professional roof replacement services and keep your roof in the best condition for years to come. Call us now to schedule a consultation and safeguard your home with the best in the business.

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