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Many homeowners only inspect their roofs once they encounter a problem. However, postponing inspections can lead to unforeseen issues. Having your roof regularly inspected by professional roofers helps you prevent roof damage and costly repairs.
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What is a Roof Inspection Service?

A roof inspection entails thoroughly evaluating your roof’s condition to assess its functionality and uncover potential issues before they escalate. The goal is to assess the current performance of your roof and, if necessary, receive customized recommendations from a professional roofer.

The two main reasons homeowners get inspections for roofs are to learn how much life their roof has left to determine if it’s time for a roof replacement or if they have a roof leak. Please keep in mind that your roof may require inspection after a storm damage, when buying or selling a home, and as part of regular maintenance.

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Importance of Roofing Inspections

Regular roof inspections are the most important for homeowners as they determine the overall health and condition of their roofs. This approach helps you stay ahead of potential issues by identifying them in their early stages, thus preventing them from escalating into more severe problems. 

By addressing these issues promptly, homeowners can avoid costly repairs and potential damage to their property in the future. Regular inspection for roof also helps extend the roof’s lifespan, ensuring its continued functionality and structural integrity over time.

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Our Roof Inspection Process

Initial Assessment

Before initiating the roof inspection and repair, our roofers conduct an initial assessment. By examining existing floor plans and discussing past leaks or modifications with management, the roofing services company gets necessary information about the roof’s history and current condition.

Interior Evaluation

Our qualified residential roofing company conducts roof inspection and repair of the facility to assess its structural integrity. This involves identifying signs of water stains, rust, or structural weaknesses. Also, the roofer examines the type and condition of mechanical fasteners used, aiming to identify and promptly address potential sources of leaks.

Building Envelope Examination

Before we go up to the roof deck, we conduct a thorough examination of the building envelope. This involves identifying structural defects, such as cracks, damaged doors, or precast panels, which may indicate underlying issues. We also carefully look for any evidence of water damage, including defects in downspouts or gutters, for further investigation.

Rooftop Inspection

Our professional roofing team spends a lot of time visually checking the rooftop, using the building’s blueprints for reference. We look for issues like mold, plants growing, debris, or standing water, which can show drainage issues or damage.

Field and Perimeter Check

Inspect the roof and perimeter to identify potential issues and leaks, focusing on areas such as gutters, flashings, and coping joints for signs of damage or deterioration. Document any pooled water or design flaws meticulously for further analysis.

Evaluation of Roof-Based Equipment

Following the rooftop inspection, we conduct a detailed review of roof-based equipment and accessories, assessing the condition of HVAC units, seals, drains, and flashing, which are common sources of leaks if improperly installed or maintained.

Analysis and Recommendations

Our residential roofing services are designed to provide comprehensive insights into any identified issues and offer solutions for your roofing needs. We have the expertise to guide you through available options, considering factors such as budget and urgency of repairs to ensure your roof lasts for years to come.

What’s Included in Our Roof Inspection Services

During a comprehensive inspection of the roof, a skilled roofer conducts a thorough assessment to identify potential issues and ensure the structural integrity of your roofing system. This multifaceted evaluation encompasses various aspects, including wear and tear, leaks, organic growth, and any underlying problems that may have arisen during installation or previous repairs. Essentially, a roof inspection can be categorized into four main areas, each focusing on different aspects of the residential roofing services:

Material Inspection

During this phase, the roofer examines the roofing materials for any signs of deterioration or damage. This includes inspecting shingles for missing, loose, or curling pieces and assessing the presence of stains, moss, or rust on the roof surface. Also, the condition of rubber boots and seals around vent pipes is scrutinized to detect any deterioration or gaps.

Structural Inspection

The roof’s structural integrity is the most important, and the roofer carefully assesses various components to ensure stability. This involves checking for signs of sagging or uneven roof planes and evaluating the gutter system, fascia, and soffit condition. Also, a thorough inspection of the chimney is conducted to detect any crumbling grout or cracks that may pose structural risks. Ventilation in the attic is also inspected to mitigate moisture buildup, which can affect the roof’s lifespan.

Interior Inspection

Roof leaks can cause extensive damage to a home’s interior, making it crucial to inspect the attic, interior walls, and ceilings for any signs of water infiltration. The roofer examines these areas for mold, rot, water stains, and other water damage indicators to determine the extent of any existing issues.

Workmanship Inspection

An important aspect of roof inspection and repair involves evaluating the quality of workmanship to identify potential vulnerabilities in the roofing system. This includes examining the placement of shingles for proper alignment and secure attachment and assessing the installation of flashing around roof penetrations. Any instances of bad workmanship, such as using low-quality materials or improper installation techniques, are flagged as potential issues that could increase the risk of damage in the future.

Professional Roof Inspection Services in Chicago

HomeHero Roofing, located in Downers Grove, IL, offers comprehensive roof inspection services for homeowners in Chicago. Our team of expert roofing contractors ensures that your roof is thoroughly checked for any issues or damage, providing peace of mind and protection for your home. With affordable roof inspection costs, we are the go-to choice for residents of Chicago seeking reliable roofing services. Whether you need routine roof checking or require repairs, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Trust HomeHero Roofing and contact us now to get a free quote for all your roofing needs.

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When Do You Need Roof Inspection Services?

1) Annual Roof Checking

 It’s important to have your roof inspected regularly, ideally once a year. This helps you catch any problems early and avoid expensive repairs or replacements later on. You might need more frequent inspections if your roof is old, has been damaged before, or if there have been severe weather events.

2)  For New Homeowners or Long-Term Residents

Whether you’ve just moved in or have been there for a while, it is important to schedule a roof inspection. For new homeowners, it’s an opportunity to assess the roof’s condition and identify any underlying issues that may require attention. Similarly, long-term residents without a recent inspection should prioritize scheduling one to ensure their roof’s ongoing health and functionality. By investing in a professional roof inspection, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their property is well-maintained and protected against potential threats.  

3) Before Selling or Buying a House

Before you sell your house, it is a good idea to have the roof checked for any needed repairs or maintenance. A well-kept roof increases your property’s value and gives potential buyers peace of mind. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a property, getting a detailed roof inspection can reveal any problems and help with negotiations.

Documenting the roof’s condition is crucial for sellers and buyers during real estate transactions. It provides transparency and reassurance regarding the property’s structural integrity and helps facilitate a smoother sales process.

4) After Severe Weather Events

Following severe weather events such as hailstorms or high winds, it is essential to schedule a roof inspection promptly. Even minor damage can escalate into more significant issues if left unaddressed, potentially harming the safety of your home.

Professional roof inspections and drone technology can provide comprehensive documentation of storm-related damage, helping insurance claims. Acting swiftly to assess and repair storm damage can prevent further deterioration and protect your home from potential hazards.  

5) If you Notice Damage

Any noticeable damage to your roof or exterior, whether a missing shingle or dented siding, needs immediate attention. Ignoring such issues can lead to more severe damage and costly repairs in the long run.  While it’s unsafe for homeowners to attempt repairs themselves, providing relevant information to your roofing contractor can help the process of inspection and repair.

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Benefits of Regular Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections offer numerous benefits beyond merely identifying and repairing minor issues.

Preventing Major Problems

Regular inspections are helpful for early detection and rectification of minor issues before they escalate into severe problems. Addressing issues promptly prevents costly repairs or early roof replacements.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Well-maintained roofs improve energy efficiency by minimizing air leakage and reducing heating and cooling costs. A properly sealed and insulated roof creates a more efficient barrier which leads to substantial savings on utility bills.

Boost in Curb Appeal and Property Value

Proper roof checking improves the aesthetic appeal of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. A well-maintained roof signals that the home has been cared for, increasing its resale value and return on investment.

Protection Against Weather Damage

Beyond rain and snow, maintained roofs safeguard homes from hazards like ice dams, high winds, falling debris, and pest infestations. Regular inspections identify vulnerabilities and enable preemptive measures to mitigate potential damage.

Preservation of Warranty Coverage

Regular roof inspections and maintenance are crucial for upholding warranty coverage on new or renovated roofs. Failure to comply with maintenance requirements could void warranty claims, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

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